रिंग-ट्रेड बिल्डिंग मशीन

लघु वर्णन:

  • रिम आकारः 16 "-24.5"
  • चालण्याची रुंदी: .400 मिमी
  • टायर व्यास: 800-1250 मिमी
  • उत्पादकता: 12-20 (तुकडा / तास)
  • उर्जा: 25 किलोवॅट
  • परिमाण: 3600x3000x2050 मिमी
  • उत्पादन तपशील

    उत्पादन टॅग्ज

    ◐ उपकरणे रचना आणि कार्य तत्त्व

    1.Automatic production pro<BSSwith high applying efficiency.

    2.Equipped with tread centering device, in order to prevent the tread from being off the center.

    3.Tread applied with even stretching, in order to ensure high grade tire dynamic performance.

    4.There is contractility generated by the tread and forcing on the casing, leadi ng to a tight tread applying.H igh applying efficiency and few tread waste appear due to none joint ring tread.


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